Crash Sliders for Motards, Sportsbikes and Scooters


Front or Rear Axle Slider kit

Single axle front or rear sliders, Prevent damage to your forks or swingarm. Comes with all mounting hardware

Now with allen keyed stainless steel center fitting and recessed base to mounts over axle nuts etc More Info

AU$80 + p&p

NZ$95 + p&p


Footpeg Slider Kit

Footpeg Sliders for Super Motards with MX style footpegs, Easy to fit and stops track and footpeg damage when you're cranked over dragging the pegs through corners. Comes with mounting bolts


AU$75 + p&p

NZ$90 + p&p


Motard Kit

Full set of Sliders for SuperMotards. Kit contains

  • Front Axle sliders
  • Rear Axle sliders
  • Footpeg sliders
with all mounting hardware

AU$200 + p&p

NZ$235 + p&p



Pickup Slider kit

Pair of Race stand pickup sliders. Protect your swingarm AND use your race stand. With mounting bolts
  • 6mm for Yamaha - R1, R6, FZ
  • 8mm for Suzuki - GSXR, TL, SV
  • 8mm for Honda - CBR
  • 10mm for Kawasaki & KTM SuperDuke

AU$40 + p&p

NZ$50 + p&p



Bar End Sliders

MUCH longer mounting than standard So they wont tear out if you crash.Avaliable In two sizes.

    • 17mm id for standard bars
    • 14mm id for MX fat bars

AU$45 + p&p

NZ$55 + p&p


Axle Slider Pickup combo

Axle Slider with pickup points. Use a standard race stand on single sided swing-armed bike or a bike with no pickup point mounts.For Ducati 999 and Triumph triple and many others

AU$95 + p&p

NZ$110 + p&p




New Design


Fits Suzuki FXR150 and many other bucket racer bikes

The full kit contains -

  • Axle sliders front - NEW DESIGN to fit solid axles
  • Frame sliders
  • Footpegs - all delrin won't mark the track, Set of 2
  • Bar end sliders (for either 14mm or 17mm I/D bars)
  • Rear axle pickup combination sliders

More Info

ALL for only

NZ$327+ p&p

Special prices/discounts for racing club members - eg anyone who races a bucket




Individual axle sliders

or footpeg sliders (replacements no hardware)

AU$35 + p&p

NZ$40 + p&p


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